5 Recent additions to our Cigar range.

Over the last few weeks, we have managed to get our hands on some rather nice kit cigar wise. Not all of these cigars are new on the market but are new to us. Of course, the main attraction of the recent arrivals has to be the Andalusian Bull by La Flor Dominicana. These were voted 'Cigar Of The Year' for 2016 by Cigar Aficionado Magazine after what appears to be only about 6 months on sale. This extremely quick rise to the top is almost unprecedented and reflects the quality of the cigar, which is, to say the least, stunning.

La Flor Dominicana is also responsible for the Salomones Unicos which are unique in every way as you can see by the picture above. Each stick measures 7 inches by 64 ring gauge and is best described as a work of art. Only 4,000 boxes were produced world wide and each box has a different configuration of 10 different cigar designs. These are so beautiful to look at that I was considering charging for the privilege!

For our next cigar, we move 850km north west from the Dominican and land in Cuba for the Partagas Presidente. Like the two previous cigars, these are not a common shape, being a double Figurado, which is extremely rare for Cuba. Tasted at one of our recent cigar evenings, these went down an absolute storm and have proved very popular over the tail end of the summer.

We head back to the Dominican Republic for the Gurkha Ghost Shadow, which offers up some amazing flavours. Made using a wonderful blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobacco's these Robusto's are medium bodied with quite a silky texture on the palate. What's more, they are relatively in expensive too, so represent great value money. With Haloween coming up soon, these will help get you in the spirit!

Finally, back to Cuba for something from the most Iconic brand of cigar in the world, Cohiba. These legendary cigars began life being made especially for Fidal Castro. As a matter of fact, it was not until the early 80's that they were released as a brand for the rest of the world (apart from the US) to enjoy. The new Cohiba Medio Siglo was released earlier in the year and has proved extremely popular. Measuring the same length as the Siglo I with the same ring gauge as the Siglo VI, these beauties are stunning. Smooth and elegant with some soft, cedary-nuttiness in the mid-palate.

1.   La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull

Dominican Republic
Medium - Full

The wait is over, as the 'Cigar Of The Year 2016' has finally arrived!. Scoring an impressive 96pts in Cigar Aficionado, the Andalusian Bull's are bold and savoury with strong notes of hickory and leather. A spiciness develops in mid-palate whilst a tangy citrus note lifts the whole ensemble together perfectly.

These are not only impressive to look at they are impressive to smoke as well being hugely complex and soundly built.

2.   Partagas Presidente

Medium - Full

The Presidentes are a glorious new addition to the Partagas portfolio and come in a very unusual shape for Partagas, and Cuban cigars in general. Measuring 6 1/4 inches by 47 ring gauge these Double Figurados deliver rich and earthy flavours and lean more to the full bodied side of things.

3.   Cohiba Medio Siglo

Medium - Full

The latest addition to the Linea 1492 range. These small compact cigars were released late last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Cohiba brand. These offer the ring guage of the Siglo VI (52) with the length of the Siglo I (4 inches), and are the first new release to the Linea 1492 range since 2002 when the Siglo VI was released. At the moment, these are quite limited in availability so best be quick.

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