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Liberation Robusto Pack - 5 Cigars - Pack of 5


The Robusto size of cigar is by far the most popular size sold in the UK. Measuring 5 inches by 50 ring gauge, the Robusto size not only looks good but is also easy to hold. With a smoke time of roughly 45 minutes, these cigars are just about right in every category.

The 5 cigars listed here represent what is currently our customer's favourite Robusto sized cigars. There is definitely something here to suit most tastes as the flavour profiles go from light and creamy up to medium-full in style!

La Invicta Honduran Robusto - Light Bodied A very easy-going, medium-bodied smoke at a cracking price. Great value when compared to many European brands at the same kind of price.

Brick House Subido Wrapped Robusto - Medium Bodied The cigar is packed full of sweet spices and woods. A little pepper comes into play at the halfway point, but on the whole, it's a cool and creamy cigar. Not too strong for a novice and enough flavours to act as a mid-day smoke for the more seasoned Nicaraguan smoker.

Gilbert De Montsalvat Robusto - Medium Bodied A medium weight smoke that has a touch of spiciness to it. This has a slightly sweet, soft spicy note just on the finish.

Plascencia 1898 Reserva Robusto - Medium Bodied This is awesome! A medium-bodied Nicaraguan cigar that packs a load of flavour into its seductive, dark wrapper. Earthy and leathery with a gentle sweetness.

La Aurora El Principe Maduro Robusto - Light Bodied A wonderful light to a medium-bodied cigar from one of the top producers in the Dominican Republic.

Now packaged in a Boveda Humi-pouch to keep the cigars fresh for up to thirty days!

Please note, that from time to time we may substitute some of the contents with similar products due to availability issues.

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Liberation World Cigars Pack - Pack of 6

This wonderful sampler pack contains 6 different cigars from 6 different countries from around the world. As one can imagine flavours can vary immensely from country to country and this little pack, hopes to show the differences. The majority of cigars in this pack would suit those who only smoke cigars occasionally but want cigars that have a bit of character about them.

This pack contains one each of the following cigars:-

Toscano Antico (Italy) Gauntleys Royal Dutch Corona(Holland) - The unbanded one! PDR Corojo Puritos (Dominican Republic) Jose Piedra Petit Cazadores (Cuba) Tatuaje Petit Cazadores (Nicaragua) Camacho Criollo Machito (Honduras)

All packed in a Humipouch with a Boveda water pillow to maintain freshness for up to 60 days.

From time to time we may substitute the odd cigar due to availability issues

Temporarily out of stock

Liberation Short Smokes Pack - Pack of 7

This selection might be short, but it is perfectly formed!

These 7 cigars represent some of the finest short smokes around and offer a huge step up in terms of quality from the likes of British made Hamlets etc. Each cigar will smoke for between 5 and 15 minutes, so are ideal when time is important. Most of these cigars hail from the likes of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic where cigar making is in the blood of the people making them. This is reflected in the quality of the cigars which is, given the size of them, is incredibly good!

This pack contains 1 each of the following cigars:-

La Invicta Panatella - Nicaragua - Medium Bodied J Cortes Club - Europe - Light Bodied Villiger Export Maduro - Holland - Light Bodied Buena Vista Araperique Cigarros - Dominican Republic - Medium Bodied Oliva Serie G Cameroon - Nicaragua - Medium Toscano Toscanello - Italy - Medium Trinidad Short - Cuba - Medium Bodied

*All packed in a Humipouch to maintain freshness for up to 60 days

The picture shown is for guidance only and may not necessarily reflect the contents.

Please note that occasionally we may change the contents without notice due to availability issues.

In stock - ready to ship
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