Gauntleys Tasting Events 2019

We love our tasting evenings here at Gauntleys, which is why we are getting into the spirit straight away this year, so to speak! Here you will find a list of all our proposed evenings for the coming year that will feature either Cigars, Whisky (or other spirits) and wine. This handy little guide will help you plan in advance which evenings you want to attend and will also remind us what we are doing.

If a date is highlighted then you are able to book it online via our website. We would recommend doing this quickly as the events do tend to sell out rapidly, especially the Whisky ones. If a date is not highlighted, you can still book your place, but you will need to call us on 01159 110555 and do so over the phone (or in person in the shop). The list might seem a little slim at the moment, but fear not, by the end of January we should have a full list of dates available!

27th January 2019 - Charatan Pipe Tobacco Launch Day

2018 saw the demise of Dunhill tobacco products worldwide, including their legendary pipe tobaccos. 2019 will see the release of new blends from Charatan (originally owned by Dunhill back in the day) that attempt to recreate the Dunhill blends, and we believe that they have been very successful at doing so! Join us for a day of tasting and competitions!

30th January 2019 - Whisky Tasting Evening

Our first drinks related event of the year and it has got to be whisky. 6 Whiskies over 3 hours - what more could you possibly ask for? - NOW SOLD OUT!

13th February 2019 - Cigar Club Meeting - A. Turrent Cigars Of Mexico

Our first cigar event of the year is, in fact, a re-launch of an old brand. A. Turrent cigars from Mexico have always been a firm favourite of mine ever since I first tried them about 5 years ago, and always held a fascination for me because of their almost chocolatey character. As an extra added bonus, we will also be doing a little pouring of Tequila on the night too, so you won't want to miss this one!

20th February - Whisky Tasting Evening

Missed out on the last one? Get your place bought now! Another 6 Whiskies over 3 more hours...

13th March 2019 - Another Cigar Evening Launch Night.

20th March 2019 - Whisky Evening

17th April 2019 - Rocky Patel Cigar Evening

Join us and Phil Matthews from Brightleaf for a fun-filled evening of Rocky Patel cigars. One of the featured cigars for this evening will be the Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro which was voted Cigar Journal Magazines 'Cigar Of The Year' 2018.

24th April 2019 - Cognac / Armagnac Tasting Evening

Our first ever, fully fledged, Cognac and Armagnac tasting evening. Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the two regions? Well here is your chance to find out!

8th May 2019 - Tequila Evening (Date TBC)

Ok, it's time to dust off your Sombrero and practice your Mexican wave, as we head to Mexico for what promises to be an eye-opening and totally mouthwatering Tequila and Mezcal experience!

15th May 2019 - Cuban Cigar Evening

19th June 2019 - Ernesto Perez Carillo Cigar Evening

Considered to be one of the best cigar producers in the world, Ernesto has an enviable reputation. Not only that he recently won Cigar Aficionado's 'Cigar Of The Year' 2018 with the EPC La Historia Encore Majestic Robusto. Subject to availablity, we hope to be tasting the winning cigar at this event.

26th June 2019 - Whisky Evening

17th July 2019 - Mid-Summers Cigar Evening

24th July - Paul John Indian Whiskey Tasting Evening

India is not only one of the world's biggest whisky consuming countries, but also one of the biggest producers too! Paul John rank as one of the top producers, so why not join us and find out what all the fuss is about!

14th August 2019 - Davidoff Cigar Evening

21st August 2019 - Whisky Evening

11th September 2019 - Cuban Cigar Evening

18th September 2019 - Whisky Evening

16th October 2019 - Cuban Cigar Evening

23rd October 2019 - Whisky Evening

13th November 2019 - Cuban Cigar Evening

20th November 2019 - Festive Whisky Evening

4th December 2019 - The Gauntleys Christmas Cigar Event

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