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Over the last few months a large number of our cigars have scored extremely well in both Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Journal magazines. Now we all know that scoring things can be quite subjective however, whilst not everyone may agree with the actual scoring, at least it gives a general overview of the quality of each of the cigars listed. We have selected several cigars below which we feel merit wider recognition with our customers. Whilst not every cigar will suit every individual, at least we know they are extremely good!

My Father 'Le Bijou 1922' Torpedo - 97 Points Cigar Aficionado Dec 2015 - CIGAR OF THE YEAR

This is it, the top rated cigar and the current cigar of the year! Big, full bodied and robust so not for the faint hearted!

Ramon Allones Specially Selected (Cuba) - 96 points Cigar Aficionado Jan 2016

One of the smaller producers in Cuba, Ramon Allones have been a mainstay in our range for several years now, purely because the quality is astounding. These are big and bold in style and would suit those of us in search of something different to the likes of Bolivar or Partagas.

Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2 (Cuba) - 94 points Cigar Aficionado Jan 2016

Another stunning example of Cuban cigar production. These are at the opposing end of the flavour spectrum to Ramon Allones, being much lighter and more creamy with a white pepper note on the finish.

Cohiba Siglo VI Tubed (Cuba) - 92 Points Cigar Aficionado Jan 2016

Launched in 2002 this is the newest of the Siglo range. Very rich, full of creamy, earthy grassy flavours with subtle hints of cocoa/coffee bean.

Dunhill Heritage selection Robusto (Honduras) - 93 Points Cigar Aficionado Jan 2016

New From Dunhill, but already making a huge splash because it is not your typical, average, every day Dunhill. This is bigger and slightly more full bodied than most Dunhill's and yet still undeniably from the same stable...

Romeo Et Julieta Anajados Piramides (Cuba) - 92 Points Cigar Aficionado Jan 2016

My personal 2nd Favourite cigar of 2015. These were boxed aged in Cuba for 7 years plus before release here in the UK, which has given them maturity and developed their complexity. Stunning.

Joya De Nicaragua - Red Robusto (Nicaragua) 90 Points Cigar Aficionado Jan 2016

Those of you who attended our launch evening for the Joya De Nicaragua cigars with Juan Martinez last summer will know how good these are. These medium bodied beauties are quite commercial in style, but are still a bloody good smoke.

My Father Cigars Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo - Single

The current CIGAR OF THE YEAR as voted for by Cigar Aficionado Magazine. This gained a mightily impressive 97/100 and has only just arrived in the UK, so stock will initially be quite limited. Made by Jose 'Pepin' Garcia in honour of his late father, this full bodied Nicaraguan offers a richly aromatic smoke, with deep, intense cedery leather notes and a delightfully long finish.
In stock - ready to ship

Ramon Allones Specially Selected - Single

A very powerful cigar, with a complex range of flavours throughout. It begins with roasted and slightly woody and leathery undertones with floral hints, leading into a slightly sweet cocoa & coffee ending. Not for the beginner but ideal for the experienced smoker after a heavy meal.
In stock

Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No 2 - Single

The Robusto size of the Epicure No2 has a slightly narrower range of flavours compared to the larger sizes of the Hoyo range. Missing some of the richer deeper flavours, the cigar's subtle roasted tobacco undertones and slowly released cinnamon & cocoa aromas give the cigar a great finish. One of the UK's biggest selling Cuban cigars and personal favourite of mine.
In stock

Dunhill Heritage Selection Robusto - Single

Ok, so this is not your typical Dunhill cigar, so if you are expecting something, light, rounded and creamy then you are going to be very disappointed! This is the first big and full bodied cigar produced by Dunhill and if you like your cigars like that, you will be amazed. Richly flavoured with flavours of Coffee, Chocolate and and a woody edge on the finish. There is also quite a big hit of spice on the finish too, just incase you didn't notice how full bodied this is. My favourite Dunhill cigar release for many a year!
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Cohiba Siglo VI - Single Tubed

Launched in 2002 this is the newest of the Siglo range. As with all Cohiba Siglo cigars the flavours are little smoother and creamier compared to the other Cohibas. The Siglo VI packs a lot of flavours with its big 52 ring gauge and just shy of 6" length, the result is a taste sensation. Very rich, full of creamy, earthy grassy flavours with subtle hints of cocoa/coffee bean. Only for experienced smokers who can enjoy and savour the flavours from this long and thick stick.
In stock - ready to ship
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