The Pure Chocolate Company is a Jamaican artisan chocolate brand born in January 2017 from a desire to give back and develop a long dormant and under appreciated homegrown product in Jamaica - its fantastic cocoa.

The driving force behind Pure are Rennae Johnson with her husband Wouter Tjeertes. Rennae is a seasoned pastry chef born and raised in Jamaica and knows the country, its farmers and community. Wouter has 3 decades of experience as executive pastry chef and chocolatier at various high-end resorts and boutique pastry shops in the Caribbean and Europe. Together as partners in business and in life, they combine their love for each other with the love to create a unique chocolate brand from the land of wood and water.

​With every decision we take, we always keep one thing in mind - is what we do honest, sustainable and Pure?

PURE Chocolate Jamaica 68% Dark Chocolate with Slow Roasted Cocoa Nibs 60g

A well balanced bar that is perfect for every day. The chocolate melts slowly and the nibs deliver a nice crunch and hint of roasted chocolate.

Tasting notes: Hints of red fruit, sweet spirits, caramel tones and a crunch by the added nibs

Pairing tips: Cabernet Sauvignon - zinfandel

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PURE Chocolate Jamaica 75% Dark Chocolate 60g

When we started out we wanted to create the best dark chocolate a Pastry chef could use and coincidentally we created a bar that pairs phenomenally well with our favorite wines. A must try for the purists.

Tasting notes: Full bodied, well rounded with notes of bitter, caramel, red fruit and nuttiness

Pairing tips: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Banyuls

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PURE Chocolate Jamaica Limited Edition Worthy Park Estate, Jamaican Rum Flavoured 60g

The legacies of rum and chocolate are intertwined, with cacao trees and sugar cane playing an intrinsic role in Jamaica’s agricultural heritage. The flavours of rum and chocolate also make an exceptional pairing; the intense notes of premium-aged rum lend themselves well to chocolate’s fruity undertones. It was only right then, that Worthy Park Estate’s pot-still aged rum range was presented alongside Pure Chocolate’s artisanal Jamaican chocolate for the ‘Pot-Still and Pods’ seminar at the Jamaica Rum Festival.

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PURE Chocolate Jamaica 84% Dark Chocolate 60g

Our most powerful bar for the true chocolate connoisseur, yet still very accessible for people that are not used to high percentages of cocoa.

Tasting notes: Deep bitters, roasted nuts, dark caramel and berries

Pairing tips: Port, px sherry, shiraz

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PURE Chocolate Jamaica 68% Dark Chocolate with Jerk Seasoning 60g

Jerk is a spice rub used throughout Jamaica to flavor and preserve meat and vegetables. The meats are usually prepared to perfection over a pimento wood fire. This unique bar is a true homage to Jamaica where we pair its local cocoa beans with a traditional Jamaican flavor. Even if you don't like flavoured bars, this is one you definitely want to try out. ​

Tasting notes: Notes of salt, thyme, pimento, smoked wood and scotch bonnet pepper

Pairing tips: Parmesan cheese, tawny port , Dark rum

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PURE Chocolate Jamaica 70% Dark Chocolate with Coffee 60g

Jamaica's Blue Mountain Coffee is considered one of the best in the world. Its fruity and floral notes combine beautifully with our beans so this was a no brainer to us! No wonder it has become one of our most popular bars.

Tasting notes: Light bitters, roasted coffee, floral notes and berries

Pairing tips: Blue Mountain coffee, Dark Rum, PX Sherry

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