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I consider myself to be a very lucky man. I mean I have a job that I love doing and I get to meet lots of very interesting people in and outside of the cigar trade. I also, occasionally, get to visit the countries where these wonderful pieces of art are made. It's a tough job folks, but it is one that I wouldn't swap not for all the tea in China.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to smoke and enjoy many cigars. Some have been better than others (a few have been awful), but thankfully a fair percentage have been truly spectacular. I have created this list for those spectacular cigars! I will add to this list every so often as when I try something which I consider to be worthy - which will hopefully be quite often.

Eann Wallace - Manager and Cigar Buyer - Gauntleys Of Nottingham

Joya De Nicaragua Cinco Decadas Fundador - Single

Medium - Full

Tried September 2019 & August 2021

I am not usually into very big and overly full-bodied cigars, however, this really is stunning. The construction is absolutely superb with a perfect draw and a lovely even burn. This starts of a little cedary before notes of leather, nuts and coffee kick in. There is a bit of sweetness initially for me, however, this decreases the further down the stick I got. It becomes more earthy with some gentle spicy notes towards the end. Although it has got a fairly decent hit of nicotine to it, it is not too OTT, but I possibly still wouldn't go for this on an empty stomach!


Eann - Manager of Gauntleys

The most memorable of celebrations always require that you rise to the occasion. Cinco Decadas helps you do exactly that. Perfectly constructed and made with an exclusive collection of tobaccos, the fact that you have one in your humidor is enough to begin the celebration.

Made using prime extra-old tobaccos, the Cinco Decadas are made to a secret recipe that delivers a medium-full, multi-layered smoking experience. Although these are now a regular line for JdN, stock availability in the UK is limited.

In stock - ready to ship

Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Robusto - Single


Tried July 2021

If you are looking for something that won't blow your socks off and is exceedingly good, then look no further, this is your stick. This is light to medium in body and has some delicious nutty characteristics about it. It starts off creamy yet has a very gentle, slightly spicy edge that doesn't intrude. This is a very pleasant afternoon smoke and one that can be enjoyed without the need for food.

9 / 10

Eann - Manager of Gauntleys

In stock - ready to ship

Ramon Allones Specially Selected - Single


Tried February 2019 + April 2021

One of the most consistent Cuban brands in terms of build quality and smokeability. Dating back to 1837, which makes it one of the oldest cigar brands on the planet, Ramon Allones is a heavenly smoke. These start off-dry with an almost floral, grassy note before the flavour intensity starts to kick in - I found this to be a gradual experience. These are quite bold and well developed with a gorgeous, long, earthy finish. Takes me back to drinking Cuba Libra in the grounds of the Hotel Nacional in Havana. Awesome.

Eann Wallace 9.3/10

A very powerful cigar, with a complex range of flavours throughout. It begins with roasted and slightly woody and leathery undertones with floral hints, leading into a slightly sweet cocoa & coffee ending. Not for the beginner but ideal for the experienced smoker after a heavy meal.

In stock

Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado - Single

Medium - Full

Tasted June 2021

This is one of those cigars which really is the real deal. Medium to full-bodied, it starts initially with a burst of sweet leather, spice and nuts and progressively moves towards coffee and earth as you smoke down the stick. There is good intensity in the flavours which persist until the last draw. I love the shape and the fact that it is box-pressed too - it just ticks all my boxes!

9.4 / 10 Eann

Out of stock
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