Gauntleys Cigar Club

Do you enjoy cigars and want to be part of Nottingham's burgeoning cigar community?

The Gauntleys Cigar Club meets once a month at a venue local to Nottingham City centre and usually on the second Wednesday of the Month. You will find the evenings are quite relaxed and relatively informal and are made up of experienced and new cigar smokers alike.

Although relaxed, we do like to part with a little bit of information about each of the cigars or brands that we taste. This is purely to give you a little bit of the background so that you know what you are tasting. If you are like me and have a thirst for knowledge you are more than welcome to ask lots of questions and we will do our best to answer. Conversely, if you just wish to enjoy the cigars in like-minded company, that is fine also, after all, it's your night too!

Usually, you will be offered two cigars to taste and enjoy on the night, starting off with the lighter-bodied one and ending with the more robust, full-bodied example. The evenings can last anywhere between two and a half to four hours depending on how quickly you smoke the cigars! We have the occasional competition too (with prizes). Unlike other companies, we don't have a dress code for our evenings,
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