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The UK's Top Cigars

The list below contains some of the most highly rated cigars that are sold in the UK during 2019, according to the two main cigar publications, Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Journal. As you can see it has been a busy year in the cigar magazines and as we run up towards the end of the year, if you are thinking of stocking up on the best, then this list is imperative. There are some recognisable names here but also a number that are maybe new to you. The emphasis here is on the quality and as all are very highly rated you will not be disappointed.

Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro - Cigar Journal Cigar Of The Year 2018 - 94 Points Cigar Journal 2019

This super creamy cigar offers the delicate sweetness of dried fruit and chocolate, the delicate bitter tones of tea, as well as woody, leathery, and nutty aromas. Caffe latte and herbal spice are 'just' the encore.

Flor De Las Antillas Robusto - 93 Points Cigar Journal 2019

''This Robusto develops pronounced coffee, chocolate and nut aromas, accompanied by a generous peppery kick and a gentle fruity sweetness in creamy smoke. Later on, it also offers earth and leather aromas''

Partagas Edicion Limitada 2017 No.1 - 92 Points Cigar Journal 2019

''This cigar is excellently rolled and starts off with aromas of leather, earth, wood and nutsas well as an intense spicy taste. An expressive cigar with a toasty element and subtle pepperiness on the finish''

Partagas Serie E No.2 - 93 Points Cigar Journal 2019

''Aromas of earth, as well as a pleasant rum and chocolate note and a nutty aroma, gives this cigar a cosy warmth. It is accompanied by tannin, liquorice and caramel on the palate as well as pepper. A rich cigar.

EP Carillo Encore Majestic - Cigar Aficionado Cigar Of The Year 2018 Scoring 96 points & 91 Points Cigar Journal 2019 - Voted Best Value Dominican Republic Cigar Of 2019: Cigar Journal Cigar Trophy Awards 2019

''The spicy/tangy wood aromas of this cigar are underscored by a subtle mixture of sweetness and pepperiness. In addition, the creamy smoke releases fine fruity notes, chocolate, nuts and coffee.''

Joya De Nicaragua Silver Robusto - 91 points Cigar Journal 2019 & 92 points Cigar Aficionado May/June 2019

''Sweet notes of rum and vanilla start things off on a positive note, which continues with hints of cocoa, both bitter and sweet; a long finish includes spice and strong expresso.'' Cigar Journal

''Crafted with a 3 seam cap, this box-pressed Robusto cigar burns evenly. Its earthy character is enlivened by hearty impressions of fruit, roasted nuts and coffee beans.'' Cigar Aficionado

La Flor Dominicana La Nox Petite Corona - 91 Points Cigar Journal 2019

''Pronounced woody, roasted, toasted and leather aromas are supported by tart-sweet liquorice, spicy gingerbread, a treacle sweetness and peppery spice. A harmonious, aromatic, multifaceted cigar.''

Cohiba Esplendidos - 90 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''Covered in a pale, slightly rumpled wrapper. The smoke is creamy and dense, offering a steady procession of oak, nutmeg and expresso notes before a herbal, tea-like finish.''

Cohiba Siglo IV - 93 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''Made with a golden brown wrapper and a three seam cap. Every strong, upfront note of leather and earth is balanced by sweeter nuances of raisin and gingerbread. A floral note also comes through before the rich nutty finish.''

Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especial - 92 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''Beautiful to behold, with a wrapper that is the rich colour of bronze. The full, lush draw imparts a sweet, nutty smoke with underlying notes of earth and oak and a snap of leather on the finish.''

Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill - 92 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''Plump and rotund with a three seam cap and a perfect colorado wrapper. Herbal and woody at first, it becomes sweet and spicy with notes of ginger snap cookies and dark chocolate. Draw and burn are even and full throughout.''

Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona - 91 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''Rolled with a reddish wrapper and topped with a distinctly flat head. The slightly firm draw opens up to show the sweet and salty qualities of chocolate biscotti and leather before a floral, nutty finish.''

Partagas Lusitania - 88 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''Made with a flat cap and colorado wrapper, this double corona has a slightly firm draw. Initial notes of salted almonds underscored by cedar, hints of baking spices and a dry finish.''

Montecristo No.2 - 91 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''There's slight resistant on the draw of this tightly packed torpedo, but it still projects precise notes of walnut, chocolate and leather against an earthy woody backdrop.''

Drew Estate Liga Privada L40 Lanceros - 87 Points Cigar Aficionado 2019

''The wrapper of this coal-black Lancero is toothy with some oil. Each puff is heavy with earth and charcoal, some liquorice too, and a strange vanilla sweetness.''

Padron Damaso No.12 - 89 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

This tan coloured Robusto draws with textbook precision, offering a woody, nutty smoke with hints of cinnamon with a creamy texture and a nutty finish.''

Ramon Allones Specially Selected - 89 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''A semi-pressed Robusto with a triple-seam cap and a flat head. The smoke is floral and earthy, showing lots of lemon-pepper zest, a mid-palate woodiness and a bit of a chalky finish.''

Rocky Patel Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes - 87 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''The draw on this dark Robusto is a bit firm, but still imparts an earthy, herbal smoke that hints at raisins and liquorice.''

Drew Estate Undercrown Robusto - 87 Points Cigar Aficionado Jul/Aug 2019

''Heavy notes of liquorice and charcoal are most prominent in this near-black Robusto. Hints of cedar and nougat also emerge before the lasting liquorice finish.''

Romeo Y Julieta Churchhill - Available in-store only - 90 Points Cigar Aficionado May/June 2019

''Tan and box-pressed with a flat head and a four-seam cap. Though draw is firm, it still delivers plenty of toasty, nutty smoke, taking a rich cappucino quality and a saffron finish.''

H Upmann Corona Major Tubos - 91 Points Cigar Aficionado May/Jun 2019

''A reddish-brown corona with a flat head and a slightly firm draw. The smoke is sweet and nutty, showing notes of honey and cherry cordial, balanced by leather and a spicy hint of dried red pepper.''

Punch Coronation - 91 Points Cigar Aficionado May/Jun 2019

''Sweet and floral with plenty of leathery undertones and a long, nut and honey finish. The wrapper is a perfect reddish shade of colorado.''

Partagas D4 - 92 Points Cigar Aficionado May/Jun 2019

''Opulent and rich from the first puff, this reddish-brown Robusto leans earthy strong with a bold, coffee-like character, but is balanced by notes of salted peanuts, honey and wood.''

Montecristo Open Master - 91 points Cigar Aficionado May/Jun 2019

''Covered in a medium Claro wrapper, this Robusto shows the spicy tanginess of lemon peel, pickled ginger and lavender. The finish is floral with a bit of sweet graham cracker.''

Drew Estate MUWAT Nightcrawler - 87 Points Cigar Aficionado May/Jun 2019

''Dark Robusto is full of wood, spice and coffee''

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